As a follow-up to the Visual Updates post, I just want you to know that we’re about done with this blog’s visual arrangements. Widgets are in place where they should be and we’ve set a simple color scheme for now. Still, we would like to continue to hear from you, and we promise to be flexible to your responses, enquiries, feedback and needs

On another note, I’ve added rating capabilities for every post and page. I initially hesitated to do this because many of the posts and pages are in their “beta” phase. This means that I’m actually publishing content whilst still in the midst of my thoughts. My current mini-project is to work on the range of pages to have on this site. This is actually done for two reasons: One, I believe that it’s always nice to receive daily updates. Two, the way we want to run this site is with utmost honesty and sincerity – so we will push forward our composting updates and content publishing as much and as quickly as we can, and I promise I’ll figure out some way for you to keep up comfortably.

Besides that, the major change we’re working on is the blog’s categories and tags. To find out more about why they matter, I would encourage you to read wordpress.com’s excellent (and rather humorous) post about this feature. It seems a minute thing to talk about, but we honestly care about giving you the best reading experience.

On that note, Michelle has started a few wonderful categories that I think will be a God-send to new readers later on. Going at our current rate of publishing, we could easily end up with at least a hundred posts by year’s end. That’s going to be a lot of information (and rubbish rants from me) to swim through! The categories located on the left panel of this blog (e.g. “composting for newbies” and “the lazy experiment”) would make this site a satisfying, easy-to-follow, and relevant read for both newcomers and old-timers alike!

This brings me to my closing bit for today – we want to send a shout-out to all the pioneer regulars of this website. One of the key experiences that we endeavor to bring to you is the ability to watch this site grow like you were watching a plant/pet grow. It’s apt that a green movement website grows organically, don’t you think so?

So we promise that you, our highly valued pioneer regular of this blog, will always have this wonderful sense of having seen the CompostingInSingapore blog and Project Kainosis™ grow and blossom through its baby steps. Like loving parents, we will be taking plenty of “snapshots” and sharing them with you. In time to come as everything progresses, I’m certain there will be moments we reminisce and fondly look back upon these early days.

We welcome you to take this walk with us as we explore, experiment, and promote composting in Singapore. May our love for what we do spread infectiously to you, our beloved reader. This isn’t a call to action, it’s a call to experience.


Joseph the Tinkerer


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