Every good-working compost pile needs ‘greens‘ and ‘browns‘. Unlike assumptions some novice composters may have, ‘browns‘ are actually really easy to find and collect at home!

For starters, here is where we like to keep our ‘browns’:

2 two spare airtight containers we use to keep 'browns'

We now own 2 spare airtight containers that are exactly the same as our compost bins. The difference between these two containers and our compost bins is that the containers here are airtight – no holes have been drilled into them.

Today, they rest quietly and pleasantly in the corner of our living room, which happens to be near our apartment door. This allows us to transport the ‘browns’ quickly and conveniently to the compost bins.

Here they are - at a corner of our living room. The left container stores household 'browns' such as newspapers, while the right container stores hay.

Of course there are several other ways to store your ‘browns’ too – plastic bag, trash bag, other types of storage containers, in the store-room etc.

The blue container on the right contains hay that we got from a local pet store (Pet Safari at Vivocity). It is our new (and favourite) collection of ‘browns’ to date. For more information on why we got hay, click here.

The pink container on the left holds all the normal and common types of ‘browns’ from our apartment. Before we started composting, these ‘browns’ would usually find themselves thrown down the rubbish chute. Well, not anymore!

A quick view of the contents in the pink storage container

Why not we just lay all of them out for you? 🙂

Our current collection of 'browns' from our apartment

As you can see, ‘browns’ are as common as unwanted office/printer paper (non-glossy), empty toilet rolls, paper bags, newspapers, and food cardboard boxes. For a more comprehensive list of ‘browns’ you may add to your compost pile, click here.

We hope this helps you realise how recycling can start easily at home! Instead of throwing these ‘browns’ away and feeding them to harmful incinerators and landfills, why not make your own compost?

Here are a few links to help you get started:

Have fun! 😀


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