Since we started our facebook page yesterday, we’ve had 14 fans – something that we didn’t dare dream of!

So we would like to say a great heartfelt ‘thank you!’ to everyone who has clicked ‘like’ on our page. Your support really does play an immense role in helping us spread our green message – don’t throw away your food and household waste. Compost!

Tomorrow, Joe and I will be posting another detailed update on our compost bins. It might also interest you to know that our green bin will be turning 1 month old, while our pink bin will be 2 weeks old 🙂

Meanwhile, there were some noteworthy observations made over the past few days:

  • Both compost bins had remained completely odour-free, clean, dry and free from pests/flies. Note: Both bins had their lids loosely on most of the time.
  • When we completely uncovered both bins this afternoon, there were very mild smells which quickly dispersed. This could be due to a mildly anaerobic condition which might have been caused, even when both bins were loosely covered with their lids.
  • There were about 5 to 6 small flies  – most likely fruit flies – that flew out of the pink bin. This could be because we sometimes left the pink bin uncovered for a couple of hours, thereby allowing some fruit flies to enter and lay eggs. To Joe and I, this wasn’t much of a problem. There were only a few of them that quickly went away when we opened the lid. They didn’t return at all after that.
  • We continued to leave both bins open for about an hour or so, and observed that both bins had remained completely free from pests and odours. That is why we still hail hay as our magic compost ingredient for now 😉 Well, we still replaced the lids onto the bins before heading out (Sunday is family day!), just to keep our neighbours’ possible worries at bay.

Do visit this site tomorrow for more updates complete with pictures!


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