The word ‘kainosis’ (pronounced ‘kai-know-cease’) has its roots in Greek. It means “a renewal, renovation, complete change for the better”. It is also used often in Biblical terms to mean the renewing of one’s mind and inner being.

Essentially, recycling requires a renewal, a change, in one’s mindset and overall perspective. Recycling methods such as composting also puts creation back into creation, forming a complete chain. Instead of creating unwanted pollutants from burning up or burying wastes, we can renew them again for use.

Composting In Singapore is an extension of Project Kainosis™ . You can find out more about Project Kainosis™ here:

With Project Kainosis™ , we aim to bring composting awareness and solutions to Singaporeans, especially in light of the serious food waste problem in Singapore. Our extensive research on academic journals, books and online sources shows us that all types of food wastes can actually be composted back into soil, thereby largely reducing the need for harmful incinerators and landfills.

Today, Project Kainosis™ is a keen supporter of several composting methods, even “controversial” ones like composting human wastes (faeces) into safe and rich-nutrient soil ( The compost bins that you see on our website today are our first hands-on experience on composting. We have witnessed really interesting and eye-opening results, and make a point to share every observation in detail on this site to inform and educate Singaporeans on what composting in HDB apartment is like.

We hope composting will take root in Singapore, as we see great potential in this area due to Singapore’s tropical climate (highly ideal for composting) and urgent recycling needs. What’s hindering Singaporeans from composting is the lack of awareness and information.

What do you think? Let us hear from you 🙂

Picture taken from Washington State Department of Ecology


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