Joseph at WORK!!!!!!

As some of you know, I’ve been in the midst of adding pages and finishing up a whole slew of writings that will pretty much allow anyone with interest to find out just about anything and everything about Project K and Composting In Singapore.

Halfway between dealing with mushrooms and a disgusting bug outbreak, a particular topic has caught my attention and I’ve devoted some time on it besides the usual bible study that takes up the latter part of my week. That topic is Sewage Sludge Composting.

For those that have read deep into the various published but still incomplete pages, they’ll know that one seldom discussed aspect of Project Kainosis™ so far, has been humanure composting. We propose this method of composting as a larger-scale approach to dealing with the domestic food waste problem here in Singapore.

When we were preparing to submit an iteration of Project K to the usability conference @ the UPA, I had to take a short hiatus on my research into humanure and sewage sludge composting. Those that have read Joseph Jenkin’s writings will know that he pretty much focuses on an individual-community level. He strongly advocates changing personal habits and for small communities to go off the waste grid. Some of Project K’s efforts are to research if any of his ideas are at all applicable to the unique circumstances of Singapore.

However, the part that truly captured our imagination is Jenkin’s research/report on outright sewage sludge composting. Talk about killing two major waste problems with one stone. However sewage sludge composting is an incredibly nerdy technical affair. I’m now lost in a sea of academic papers written by people with more titles than friends middle names. The academic papers are also unfortunately very much a niche within the biochemical community – that’s not to say the biochemical industry is very accessible in the first place.

So hopefully I’ll be done sorting those out and I’ll have an interesting read for all you folks soon. I’m seriously probing if a sewage composting plant would indeed benefit Singapore and how Kainosis™ can be a part of it. More soon, my friends!

P.S. Michelle’s been absolutely hyper lately and she’s jumping all over the place: from Facebook to Twitter to a pretty extensive crawling through the Internet’s green content. I must say I’m equal parts entertained and in awe; so here’s a quick shout-out about her impressive work!


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