At times, I still find it a little challenging to explain ‘composting’ to people who have never heard of it before.

Today I happened to chance upon Compost Scoop’s page on “What Is Composting?”

I love how it has managed to explain composting in such clear yet concise detail:

“Composting recycles kitchen waste, lawn trimmings, and organic yard materials and turns them into rich nutrients for your garden or indoor plants. Composting is simply the decomposition of organic materials.

Successful composting creates an environment that helps the materials decompose more quickly. Organic materials decompose naturally, but the perfect compost bin will speed up the process.

Many incorrectly assume that compost is just dirt. Compost is not soil. Compost is a substance that acts as a fertilizer (enriching the soil) to grow hardier and healthier plants.

Before deciding to compost, there are a few choices to make:

  • the type of container and style for your project
  • the materials you put into your compost bin
  • the location of your bin

Regardless of the decisions, converting your waste into compost happens the same way. Waste materials breakdown as they are digested by bacteria and fungi (microbes).

Microbes are the work horse of a composting system. They need air, water, and food like any other living creature. The right amounts of air, water and food help the microbes do their job.

A foul smelling compost bin is usually a result of inadequate air circulation within the waste material. Without air, the material will still breakdown but it will be done by anaerobic microbes (organisms that do not need oxygen) as opposed to aerobic (organisms that need oxygen).

If you smell an unpleasant odor coming from your compost bin or pile, turn the material or add material to create more room for the air to circulate. A good material to add may be wood chips or hay.

Composting is good for the environment and your garden — it eliminates the amount of waste you throw away and enriches the soil your plants grow in.”

If you would like more information on composting, check out our ‘Compost!‘ page. We even have video tutorials on creating and maintaining your own compost bin for under $20.

We are also proud to say that we have two working compost bins at home, even though we live in a HDB apartment with no garden or backyard! You can follow the progress of our compost bins here.

Here’s how our compost bins look like outside our home:

Our two compost bins, complete with a "do not touch" label each

Composting can be easy, fuss-free and very satisfying! Do feel free to leave any comment, feedback or enquiry. We would love to hear from you 🙂


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  1. Luong says:

    Hi, more than a year ago I bought the compost machine from Nature Mill and it’s really helpful in churning compost almost once a month. In fact, I’m now wondering if I can give it away (or even sell it). Where can I do so (selling)?

    I did it as an experiment, after accounting for possible smell and that I’m living in HDB.

    • Hi Luong!

      Thanks for dropping by Composting In Singapore. It’s great to know that you have been active in composting too! 🙂 We’ve read about Nature Mill before and would love to own one, just to do some experimenting with automated composting. But it was really pricey! Nevertheless, our DIY bins were working just as fine, and we were pleasantly surprised by the results.

      I am sure green or gardening communities will be more than happy to get free compost. You could even donate them to schools, community centres, parks, or any green/gardening initiatives – which I’m sure are rampant across Singapore. 🙂

      For selling, you could start small with giving free samples to neighbours and friends, and if they are keen to get more from you after experiencing tangible results, you could then try selling at an affordable price.

      Alternatively, try green forums such as GCS, or general ones like eBay, Hardwarezone Singapore etc.

      If you’d like, we could help you ask around if anyone’s interested to buy compost too. Simply let us know your selling price and for what amount.

      Finally, if you are keen, you could donate some of your compost to us so we can experiment with it and document the results on our blog.

      Hope this helps, happy composting! 🙂


    • Andy says:

      Hi Luong,

      I saw the machine online and think it’s quite fascinating. Did you buy your machine in Singapore? If so, where?


      • Luong says:

        Hi Andy,

        I bought it online. Quite pricey though. But for the sake of experimenting, I bought it anyway. I ordered from NatureMill itself. Quite easy to use.


      • Luong says:

        oops… I realized I wasn’t clear: I didn’t buy it in SG, it’s imported from the US.

  2. luong says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I’ll be delighted to donate. I’d like an opinion about the quality too. The next is ready soon, give me 1 week to let it cure. How can I pass to you?


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