funny animal photos - Kitty Kung FuGood day folks! First off I just want to make a quick announcement that viewership of our blog just increased by a fair bit recently – in fact I’m holding off slightly on this statement, but it seems to have doubled from last week.

Above all else, I would like to send my thanks to our readers, and I really do encourage you to send in your comments and feedback. We always mean it frankly when we say we would love to hear from you 🙂

Besides, allow me to be frank: You’re a pioneering member of a site that’s only just gotten rolling since mid March this year. You are in an absolutely precious stage where your opinions have real and immediate impact.

Right now, there’s no red tape, no PR department (or any other weird bureaucratic setup) that’s going to spend a couple of days processing. And most of all you’re not a mere number! Being a pioneer reader means you’re truly one of the precious few whom we will always remember and cherish in time to come.

So, really, do take this God-given golden opportunity to send in your thoughts, and give yourself a chance to see things manifest with your own eyes 🙂

It’s our way of rewarding our fans and readers. And you know what? You are one of the treasured few today who will last the distance. If you can bear with us in this teething stage, you certainly can enjoy the better days and seasons when we reap our harvest!

Secondly, I think much praise must go to Michelle; her work has been exemplary and her writing’s entertaining as always. She’s pretty much juggling three different entities (mainly): this site, our facebook page and our twitter feed – which if I may add, feels almost like an aggregate of all things green! Even I learn a thing or two from her twitter feed.

So here’s just a short heartfelt post giving praise and thanks everywhere it belongs, and most importantly, to acknowledge our complete thanks to our LORD. Indeed, He has even inspired this site in the very first place, and He has been the motivation, strength, energy, creativity, inspiration and wisdom in us.

Truly blessed are we to be so loved.

God bless,
Joseph Solomon
Project Kainosis

funny animal photos - conspirators


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