funny pictures of cats with captionsWhile I’ve been nervously checking my email for some semblance of a response from Quirky about Compostapalooza, I’ve taken the time to re-Quirkify myself. I quite enjoy it too, if I do say so myself. Perhaps now that I’m on a lighter schedule and that my worldview has changed quite a fair bit, I’m more ready for Quirky.

One thing is for sure: To enjoy Quirky properly, a person really must have a sense of the long-term. I’ve learnt (perhaps the hard way) that Quirky is most certainly not about instant gratification – although strangely I must say the images and the way the website is marketed always make me feel as if it is. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s supposed to be like that. I won’t know.

Suffice to say I’ve rediscovered the joy of simply reading other people’s ideas, commenting and rating them. Moreover, taking the time to check out posts that initially don’t look like a sure-win can sometimes be quite a revelation. Perhaps, even humbling.

Indeed on Quirky (and in any other crowdsourced process), people need to leave pride at the door. Crowdsourcing is the tyranny of the masses – in both a good and bad way.

Still, I am griping about how I can’t preview my submission. It also doesn’t help that I opened up my Quirky working folder on my laptop today, only to find the pdf horrifically done wrong. I must have messed up the pdf’ing somehow (God knows how that could happen), and the words were all missing. I mused about how the minimalistic approach perhaps would have served me better. Indeed it was entertaining to see how the titles and the one sole image communicated plenty. It made my “fixed” pdf look completely out of fashion.

Nonetheless, without the ability to preview, I had no way of knowing if it had gone wrong. I tried clicking the resubmit button, but it took me to another landing page for the regular Quirky product submissions. The difference between the regular submissions and that of Compostapalooza is that the former requires some payment while the latter is free. Of course Quirky does this every once in a while and allows for free submission of ideas. It’s a good switch from the usual flow of product development, which a person can be done with in about 10 minutes a day.

That is of course for the average “rate, vote, discuss” Quirky user. Designers probably could spend the entire day drawing up designs and taking note of comments. It also made me wonder if an entire design firm could exist just in support of Quirky. I wondered if it would ever generate enough revenue to support a team of designers – perhaps for one auto-cadder, one photoshop/illustrator and maybe one or two designers/artists. It’s still a good number of people and plenty of “mouths to feed” as we Asians call it.

Some featured Quirky members are shown to have earned 2-3 thousand after influencing 30+ products. That’s a looooooong time if you’re aware of Quirky‘s time-table – especially considering how long things get stuck in pre-sale. Is it something Quirky should think of fixing, or is it just a quirk that defines it?


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