Every Monday, I would check on the two compost bins outside my HDB apartment, take pictures of them, and post updates on this site.

However, when I headed back yesterday, I was shocked to find all our potted plants and compost bins pushed up against the front door of my house. My dad happened to be home, and he said that there’s going to be some construction work at our block over the next few days.

Glancing at my neighbours’ doorsteps, I noticed they also had their potted plants and other outdoor belongings pushed up against their front door as well. This was to make space for the construction workers as they carry out some cementing floorwork at the public corridors.

As for now, our two compost bins are now stacked on top of each other, with the bottom bin covered with its original lid. We’re not sure if the composting process is going to be affected in any way over the next few days, but once the cementing is done, we will be able to properly take pictures of the compost bins and provide updates.

Nevertheless, we accidentally found an important discovery in our compost bins which I will share more about in the next entry – Black Soldier Flies (BSF). Initially, we couldn’t identify the exact breed of the flies, but over the last few days, we had the honour and pleasure of a fellow composter revealing the use and purpose of BSFs to us. (Thank you!)

In the world of composting, they are said to be important and effective workers. Remember the first time we discovered them in our compost bins and freaked out? (Oh that was such a memorable moment.)

When we got to know more, getting BSFs was like striking gold 🙂

Find out more in our next entry!


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