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Oh if you would read the words of this report – almost every word dripping with discontent about how the waste situation is handled.

I couldn’t help but wonder how Singapore might react to a similar situation in the near future. Would this small niche of a recycling community eventually expand into a civic society that demands policy change?

We’re talking about lower taxes here; this is not a “care for your environment” or “mother earth is dying” type of argument. Yes, we mean full-blown cash savings (and all Singaporeans sat up and listened).

Here at Kainosis™, we feel the Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) system is inevitable and might just be put in effect by the government. My fellow Singaporeans, we should be worried if they don’t. Our hard-earned money, even though earned through GIC or Temasek, should not be thrown away just like that. Pun intended.


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