Many interesting articles came in today. Very soon, I may have to do a link dump à la Jayis on Fridays.

By the way if you don’t know, that link dump is pretty historical because I believe it’s the first link dump ever on Jayis! Geek lore aside, I really do want to make a quick highlight of this particular article today in Today Online (no pun intended).

Oh but before I do, allow me to introduce The Hives: I’ve put up a video on them before and they’re just an awesome band. Some say they are one of the best live performing bands of our time, and I do agree wholeheartedly.

So enjoy their live performance above while you take your coffee with this toast post. Anyway what’s up with the videos and the such you ask? It’s just my style and a little homage to one of the blogs I read often.

So anyway, back to our batmobile adventure!

Long story short, the writer (Richard Hartung) in the article wants Singaporeans to take the findings and recommendations of Concept Plan 2011 seriously. He invites everyone to just follow the trend: Changi Airport (Concept Plan 1971), decentralization of commercial space in CBD (Concept Plan 1991).

Incidentally, we covered an article (also by Today Online) by Ong Dai Lin some time back. So “those who have ears, let them hear” as my Pastor always says – indeed there will come a time when policies will change. Here at Kainosis™, we’re working hard to be front and center when the time comes. You’re invited.


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