That’s right folks! Our very first CompostingInSingapore Link Dump!

Do you not think a link dump is apt for a website that often discusses waste? Well for one thing, our dump is completely green. Can’t say that about your landfill, can you?

  • Waste in Botswana – Now, now. Before you roll your eyes at “another report from Africa”, I’m not pointing this article out for its highlighting of waste management issues in developing nations. Rather, I’m more interested in the case study cited – Naples. Interestingly, the city port has had to ship its waste off to another developed city – Hamburg. We might be more used to the picture of rural areas with waste problems. But Europe – the cradle of modern civilization and democracy – having a landfill problem? Could it be?
  • Birth defects in California – Wow this one just hits a home run. California? The home to Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego? Surely I am kidding? But alas I am not. Let this article forever dispel the notion that waste management is a problem of developing nations. For Singapore, this certain must hit a vein. After all, Semakau isn’t really offshore. One must understand that when it comes to waste and pollution, greater distances have become issues. I for one am thankful to proper governance in our blessed country.
  • Plastic and Politics – In Philippines, where politics are such a testy issue that only the most important and immediate of citizen concerns get dealt with. It certainly is telling that plastics can even be suggested to be front and center to a candidate’s campaign. I cannot imagine the day when Singapore politics is no longer dominated by bread and butter issues, but rather, waste and recycling issues.
  • Landfill Debate in Canada – Suffice to say most of us look up to Canada as a peaceful country. Most often I hear it being mentioned as a place to retire. Well I guess this article says it all: nowhere is paradise unless it’s heaven. But putting this in perspective, I think us Singaporeans have it pretty good. It’s might still be okay to know we have a landfill problem that is 20 years away, yet we have a government that’s responding today – not 20 years later.


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