It’s been almost two weeks since we last posted an entry. Usually, we try to publish at least one entry daily. We even had up to five entries in a day!

So what happened?

Since less than a month ago (21 May), Joe and I got to know very like-minded and successful people are also into green solutions via the use of natural systems. Till today, it is a funny story to tell: We were first discovered by a friendly local who did an online search on “mushroom compost”, and ended up reading a random mushroom post which Joe simply just felt like publishing.

Then, things went on incredibly quickly, leading from one meeting to another, one site visit to the next, finally accumulating to the actual running of a startup company and discovering other promising life-changing green pursuits which were just waiting for the right people and resources.

Indeed, what Joe and I have today is something which should realistically happen only through years of hard work and networking. But things miraculously fell into our lap, something which Joe and I could only dream of and pray for.

So over the past two weeks, we have put more of our time and effort into developing a website for the aforementioned startup company. Don’t be mistaken thinking that we have forgotten about this site. It has always been on our mind, and we have been regularly drafting entries to make them ready for publishing.

Apart from that, we are also helping to build a farm.

A farm?!

Yup, you heard me right. 🙂

A real farm, complete with the unpredictable outdoor weather, bugs, muddy puddles, an occasional flattened dry frog, big stray dogs, and the smell of ponds and foliage.

As for now, Joe and I can’t divulge much information to you yet, since things are still in its developing phase. We also want to keep things a surprise for you, so you can personally see, hear, and experience them for yourself as they come!

In a nutshell, let’s just say that a farm is en route, lots and lots of food waste finally turning into fertiliser (instead of burning or burying them), and a good amount of hard physical work and perspiration as we set things up and running.

And yes, there will be a lot of dirty work with dirty news too. Mud and soil, we mean.

So composting has recently taken a big and exciting turn for us! With regards to this blog, we humbly ask for your patience and understanding as it updates at a pace slower than usual.

Nevertheless, when we publish anything here, you can be sure that it is always our best work. This blog has never been about the quantity of content, but heart and quality. 🙂

Entries to look forward to:

  • Update on our apartment compost bins – we will finally empty them to see the composted (and non-composted) contents
  • Building of a fresh new apartment compost bin with an improved method based on our composting experiences and observations over the past few months
  • Vermicomposting (composting using worms) – we will be setting one up for real, and touching those slimy wrigglies with our bare hands!

Have a blessed week ahead!


4 responses »

  1. xinyuan says:

    haha imagine, a cottage industtry of people composting to sell to local farms 🙂

    • Joseph Solomon says:

      well the gist of the idea is just that actually! we never really got the time to list down our visions and direction for Kainosis but suffice to say with what we’re doing now, we’re jumping about 3-5 years ahead of our projected development curve. The good news for everyone is that we’re now pretty much insiders in Singapore’s bludgeoning green industry and we look forward to giving some insightful reports soon!

      we promise you that your patience and all that of our other pioneer readers will not go to waste!

    • Michelle Sarah says:

      Hehe we do have a lot of pictures on that too. It’s quite a sight, and we do expect things to get muddier 😉

  2. David says:

    I am looking for a place to start a large scale worm farm for the Singapore Market.
    Currently, the sales of compost worms are limited and the price are high. Being new in Singapore, compost worms are not readily accepted by Singapore and its high price usually puts people off. Our company NoWaste Technologies, patented the world only kitchen waste compost bin that compost all type of kitchen waste without any preparation or the use of EM. We had developed a system that handled 100kg of kitchen waste each day for the Southern Ocean Lodge at Kangaroo Island, Australia (
    The system is called NatureBin-100. It is included in the Southern Ocean Lodge’s Sustainable Management policy:
    The worms farm is required in preparation for our NatureBin(household size)and NatureBin of other commercial size(custom made) sale in Singapore and would like to sell the worms relatively cheap to encourage vermicomposting in Singapore. Vermicomposting and green composting is different. A new product line designed specially for high raised living is in progress. Its objective is to eliminate the disposal of kitchen waste (including meat)from these households by converting this waste into fertilizer for growing veggie. Any businesses with the same interest are welcome for further discussion.

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