Hello readers (and anyone who happens to chance upon our site!)

Over the past few weeks, Joseph and I have received emails from junior college students who have read this blog. All of them have requested the same thing: a face-to-face interview with us on composting and waste management in Singapore.

From the email requests, we understand that JC1 students are now working on an ‘A’ level project which focuses on recycling and waste management solutions in Singapore.

We have gladly obliged to every single request, and we will be meeting everyone in a combined session this Friday (23 July), 5pm at Art Kitchen Cafe 🙂

At the sidelines, Joe and I are organising a Kainosis™ Youth Conference centering on sustainable urban development, climate change and food security. The word ‘Kainosis’ (pronounced ‘kai-know-cease’) is the name of our startup and it simply means “a renewal, renovation, complete change for the better”.

The conference will host a number of distinguished guests speakers who will share eye-opening (we cross our heart!) case studies and examples in Singapore and around the world.

This conference will cater mainly to students (our top priority!), but we are likewise happy to welcome teachers, principals, educators, green communities etc.

The proposed date for this conference will be set sometimes in September/October 2010. The exact date, time and venue will be confirmed soon.

To register for the conference, do email us at info@kainosis.com with your name, the school you are from, contact number and email address. We will send you more details from there. You can also email us if you have any enquiry.

For JC students, we highly encourage you to sign up for this conference and use this opportunity to broaden your perspectives on the aforementioned topics. We also guarantee it will blow your mind with things you have never thought of or seen before.

Besides, we are sure it will help you achieve better results for your projects and exams – need we say more? 😉

Look out for more details coming your way!

Michelle & Joseph

LOL we promise our student conference will be more interesting and fun than this!



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