Dear readers,

We have some important news about the upcoming Kainosis™ Youth Conference.

The conference (scheduled on 27th September, Monday) has been postponed until further notice. As a show of our deep appreciation to all the support we have received from our corporate partners, we would like to take some time to explain this difficult decision.

Recently schools have made a collective request for the conference to be held at a later time. This was for two important reasons:

First, they would very much like to include JC1 students as participants for the event, but most of them would be having their end-of-year exams the very next day.

Second, schools would also like to reclassify and include the conference as a formal school-planned event. This means greater support for more students (and educators) to attend.

All in all, this has been great news all round! We do sincerely apologise for this unexpected change, especially if you have taken precious time and effort to register for the event. (An email and SMS notification will be sent to you apart from this announcement.)

More importantly, we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to every one of our registrants. This event would not have had such remarkable response without your interest and enthusiasm!

Last but not least, we thank God that more exciting things are in the pipeline. More juicy details will be released in time to come. Stay tuned as we look forward to bringing you a bigger and better Kainosis™ Youth Conference!

Michelle Sarah Leong


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