Joe and I are well aware that we have been MIA (Missing In Action) for a couple of months on this blog now, despite how we have always been itching to post an update.

We do end up with sheepish smiles when friends ask us about our compost bins and whether there has been any interesting updates lately. It does take a lot of effort to steady the excitement (and time-pressed frustration) in us when there is just so much to share about our apartment composting experience, and how it has changed our lives.

Finally, in a nutshell, we would like to announce here that our compost bins have been doing exceptionally – and surprisingly – well! Despite our hectic work schedules and our completely nonchalant attitude towards our compost bins, they have been doing extremely well on their own.

The bins have been left uncovered every single day – even exposed to frequent tropical rains – and have required NO maintenance at all. Yet, all the organic wastes we dumped inside have constantly been broken down into soil-like substance (or fertiliser and humus as pros call it).

What do we dump inside anyway? If I quickly recall off my mind: shredded paper, unwanted fruit and vegetable parts, fallen leaves from our potted plants, toilet rolls, newspapers, tissue and cereal boxes, crushed egg shells, and manymanymany more!

Here’s a very simple video I took just less than 30 minutes ago. I am very video-camera shy, so pardon my lack of words even though I was incredibly excited about the bins. 🙂 I still can’t believe that these compost bins were made in less than half an hour, and they barely cost a good lunch!

So, after about 365 days, the bins have faithfully remained completely odourless and non-obtrusive. No pests, no rodents, no bad eeky things that people tend to associate with composting. (You hear that, compost stereotypers?)

So we hope you’ve enjoyed a year’s worth of apartment composting condensed in our series of entries! I’m sure every person that reads this will be able to afford some mind space with the possibility of composting at home. We know that Singaporeans are always so busy, busy, busy. But composting even for time-pressed people like Joe and I have been extremely successful! We first started out feeling unsure, but now we’re just proud to show it off. 😉

“Whoa, I didn’t know you are the green type of person man,” our friends still say today with disbelieving smiles. Makes us feel one of a kind.

That said, we do hope to find interested freelancers who are keen to take on the role of updating this blog, our Facebook and Twitter feed on a more regular basis! There is really just so much to share, but not enough of Joe and I combined. Alternatively, any donations are welcomed to keep this site a success!


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