“Darling, can I start my own vermicompost bin?”

My fiance, Joseph, looked at me from his computer game with a puzzled look. We both know our moms would go crazy if they knew they were going to have creepy crawlies in their house.

“It won’t be big or anything. Just this size,” I said, as I drew a rectangle in the air.

To make a more compelling case, I quickly added,

“It will just be a few worms. We could easily keep and maintain our little vermicomposting bin under our desk. We both know how great the fertiliser always turns out. Besides, my dad would be more than happy to experiment too.”

(Note: my dad is an avid gardener with a green thumb, and we would soon be moving to a ground floor HDB apartment with ample space for homegrown plants.  I repeat, AMPLE.)

“Okay,” Joseph said with a smile.

“Okay? Really?”

“Uh huh.”

“We could probably ask a few worms from our friends, right?”

“They will be more than happy to,” he said.

(What followed after this were my excited hugs, exhilarated thank-you-for-supporting-this, and gleeful I-can’t-believe-its.)

And so from here, we have finally moved on from our (very successful) completely lazy method of composting to… vermicomposting (composting with worms)!

OH MY GOOOODNESS! I can’t wait to get started! Vermicomposting has always been on my mind since a year ago. And I actually get to touch worms for the first time in my life! (Not that I am particularly looking forward to it though.)

And you’re in for a treat. We’re going to post every detail of our vermicomposting experience along the way – good and bad. So keep your eyes glued to this site!

And yes, our moms still don’t know about this.

Shhhh. 😉


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