A very blessed Christmas to you!

It’s been an awesome week for Joe and I as we celebrate Christmas with our loved ones. Indeed, nothing can beat the special warmth that Christmas time brings. Even the season’s tunes that fill the air in the streets and malls remind us that tis the season to be jolly!

Here’s one of my favourite Christmas songs. 🙂

We’re also thankful for another reason to be jolly: My family’s just moved into a new place!

I kid you not, living at our new home now is soooo much better. It’s definitely larger (from a 4-room to 5i-room flat) and we’re now located on the ground floor for the first time.

Not only that, we’ve got plenty of recess area just outside our home, and I know my dad’s just itching to get his green fingers down to work. He’s even got a banana tree planned for. 😉

Our plants and compost bins (left) right outside our ground-floor apartment

Check out the recess area!

View from the other side of the compost bins - even more recess area

The back view of our apartment. Can you see lotsa space for my dad's potted plants? 😉

Outside our kitchen window. I love the fact that there's ample space for our compost bins. It makes it easy for us to dispose off our kitchen scraps! And having that belt of grass also gives us the option of placing our compost bins there to drain off excess liquid through the bottom, and straight into the soil. The grass should grow better as a result 😉

For the time being, our DIY compost bins are located outside our main hall window. It's pretty awkward for us to have to carry wet kitchen scraps from the kitchen, through the main hall, down a few steps from the door, and finally to this area.

Our trusty "Please Do Not Touch" signs. Notice that the bins are uncovered - this allows rainwater to fall in, and excess water to flow out through the bottom of the bins. This way, the bins' contents remain comfortably moist so that composting can take place effectively. And rainwater's FOC!

Just like our old place, we ensure that the bins are being propped up so that excess water can flow out easily. No risk of mozzies breeding!

A peek into the bins - dark, rich, moist compost! It's sometimes hard to believe that they were once kitchen food scraps eh?

Admittedly, our compost bins have been underused since we moved. Because of unpacking and settling down at our new home, we haven’t had the chance to place the bins at our most ideal location yet.

Right now, you can see that they are located at a considerable distance from the kitchen. So throwing kitchen scraps into the compost bins would require a fair amount of maneuvering and walking.

As much as possible, we’d like to stick to the simplest aim-for-the-bin method. Based on the pictures above,  we could actually place the compost bins next to our kitchen window. (Another perk of living on the ground floor with lots of recess area!)

As aforementioned in our previous entries, we’re also planning to try vermicomposting (worm composting). My dad’s really excited to start this hobby, as he has read and heard so much about vermicomposting before.

Besides, which gardening hobbyist wouldn’t want a few creepers to play with whilst churning fertiliser for his plants? 🙂

More about our worm composting plans in the next post!


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