We’ve been asked this question countless times since we started our blog, so we decided to create a page for it 🙂

Question: Where can we get composting worms in Singapore?

Answer: Here are four options we know of at the moment, in order from least to most expensive –

1) http://www.greenculturesg.com/forum

There are several talks/threads about buying and selling composting worms, and you might be able to get a better deal from hobbyists or such.

2) http://www.organicorigins.com.sg/compost_worms.php

3) http://www.worm-compost-bins.com

4) http://www.wix.com/step929/terracyclesg

Unfortunately, the prices for composting worms in Singapore are quite steep because they are hard to find. High demand with low supply (in Singapore) enable sellers here to sell at unbelievable prices as compared to our western counterparts.

The best commercial price we’ve known so far is option two; its rate is going for $20 for 100g of worms.

Do note that for most of the sources above, worms are only available seasonally. This means that they may run out of stock every now and then, and will postpone sales till they’ve grown their worm stock sufficiently.

Last but not least, the native composting worms in Singapore are “Malaysian Blue Worms”, also known as Perionyx Excavates. We do not think that red worms are common or native here as they are more suited to temperate climates.

Hope this helps!


11 responses »

  1. Quah Siew Hua says:

    I am selling blue worms at 10$ per 100gm but collection by buyer.

  2. Mitchell says:

    Hey there,

    Are you still keeping a compost bin?
    Could we get in touch via email, hopefully you could share some of your experience!!


  3. loo yen says:

    i saw earthworm like manure? should we give them manure? will it contain to much bacteria?

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Loo Yen, great question! Unfortunately, we have limited experience with earthworms so we won’t be able to answer your question. However, vermicomposting worms do thrive well on manure, and will be able to turn manure into safe and high-grade fertiliser. Hope this helps 🙂

  4. afif freedom says:

    hello.. I have 600 kilos redworm.
    maybe you’re interested..

    • Marcus says:

      Hello! I require about 50-70 worms for my experiment. How can i contact you?

      • Sarah says:

        Hi Marcus! Unfortunately, we do not sell composting worms. Thank you for getting in touch nevertheless, and we hope you managed to source them for your experiment!

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