Composting Workshop — Everyone’s Invited!


We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be conducting a 30-minute workshop at Capitol Piazza (Atrium) this coming 20 November, 1.30pm!

We will be sharing about composting and demonstrate how you can easily create your own compost bin at home. There will also be a quiz with prizes to be won.

Do bring your family and friends to join us at our first public event. Everyone’s invited!

To show your support, do visit our Facebook event page here and click on the button that says “interested”. See you there!😀

Launch of CIS Workshops

CIS Workshops

As promised, we’re officially launching our first series of CompostingInSingapore (CIS) workshops on composting, vermicomposting and aquaponics. Do set an appointment with us before we get all booked out in this brand new year!

If you haven’t heard, we’ve also set up our brand new Instagram account here. Check us out and say hello! We always reply.😉

Worm Therapy, Anyone?

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 7.00.37 pmWatch us add new kitchen scraps (raw vegetable wastes) into our mini worm bin. During the process, we uncovered worms of various sizes, some of them pretty feisty!

Nevertheless, these wriggly friends are extremely gentle (not to mention quiet and peaceable) as pets. They were undoubtedly annoyed when we dug them out of their hiding places, but that’s because we needed to make space at the bottom to bury new kitchen scraps. Burying food scraps prevents pests such as flies.

We’ve always enjoyed how extremely low maintenance these worms are. Simply ensure they have just enough moisture (not too wet or dry), a shady environment, food and air.

If you’re wondering why we chose a transparent box (since the worms disdain light), we have found it effective in deterring them from trying to climb out. We have also kept the lid off for better aeration (oxygen), and kept a spray bottle filled with aged water at the side to keep the top moist.

Did you know that this same box of worms were brought to our ‘live’ TV broadcast a few weeks back? We decided to let them remain in the box till they are populated enough to move to a bigger bin.

We don’t know about you, but watching them on video made us feel a tad sleepy, hence the title.😉

By the way, we’ve finally started an instagram account for CompostingInSingapore. Woohoo!! Do look us up @compostinginsg if you’re keen on joining us on more composting adventures. Our Twitter account is back too, so chat us up there or ask any questions!🙂